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Known for making some of Australia’s most exciting dance and physical theatre, The Farm love to share their knowledge, enthusiasm and dance moves.

Workshops are run by artists from The Farm in a supportive and engaging environment. It’s a great way to discover what makes The Farm tick and why their work has been seen all over the world.

Technique-based workshops can be tailored for students from Year 10 upwards, to performers, teachers, and general public. 

If you are interested in group bookings for these classes, please contact us



Suitable for ages 15 + studying performance / dance

[Min / Max group size 8 - 25]

Duration: 1.5 hours

This workshop crosses many boundaries, and amalgamates many different forms and techniques including Chi Gung, contemporary dance, floor work, yoga and theatre. We plunder these for their usefulness and attempt to bridge the gap between disciplines. The aim is to work ‘energetically’ in performance and with an awareness of our ‘subtle body’.
The subtle body describes the energetic form which permeates our physical body and wraps us up like a cocoon, and we will investigate the use of the subtle body in communication. We start to become aware of our own energetic force and how we can use it to make the simplest of things the most profound.

We exchange ideas and movement and work from internal forces to find new and individual ways to communicate. This useful exchange is the main purpose behind this workshop.



Suitable for ages 15 + studying performance / dance

[Minimum / Maximum Group size 8 - 25]

Duration: 2 hours

This contemporary technique class teaches the dancer how to gain maximum movement power with minimal effort through use of momentum. Via the exhaustive nature of the class, the body’s natural movement (and a desire to arrive by the path of least resistance) is discovered.

Based on a systematic and relentless series of movements, you learn through doing and bypass the time and luxury of questioning. This class is a workout where your own body becomes the greatest teacher and physical individuality is not discarded.



Suitable for ages 15 + studying performance / dance

[Min / Max group size 8 - 20]

Duration: 2 hours

In this class, we focus on communication between two people when they work together.
Good partnering is like a conversation between two bodies, with each responsive and reactive to the other. We teach participants how to listen to each other - to be in charge of their own body, and aware of everyone else at the same time.

Exercises range from basic partnering skills to phrases where we encourage participants to create a game with their partner. In a playful way, this encourages actual engagement rather than learning a bunch of steps. The class is extremely fun and encourages self-discovery and present moment awareness.



Suitable for anyone interested in how we talk about art. No experience required in either the performing arts or talking

[Min / Max group size 8 - 20]

Duration: 1-2 hours

The C Word creates a playful and safe space using role play and working in partner/ small groups. The workshop explores communicating in constructive ways without just complimenting the lights, and how to be more articulate and helpful when sharing feedback.


Suitable for adults or students aged 15+. No experience necessary

[Min / Max group size 6 - 15]

Duration: 1.5 hours

Yoga Chi Gung, a form combining the Vinyasa Yoga (the flow of postures) and Chi Gung (the principle of generating chi energy through specific practices) is combined with the stronger dynamics of Ashtanga Yoga. They are intended to combine awareness of alignment and energy flow with safe stretching practices and fluidity of movement. They help create power and simplicity in movement by utilising the inner force of chi energy in the body.
This workshop is led by Gavin Webber, who trained as a Yoga Chi Gung teacher and practised Ashtanga Yoga for over seven years. The workshop also takes in other influences including Alexander Technique and awareness through Movement/ Feldenkrais.



Takes place on stage directly after the performance
Join in a post-show meditation to retain the afterglow & shared experience of watching a live performance.

[Capacity: varies]
Duration: 20 mins






In the current arts climate in Australia, artists often find themselves at the bottom of the food chain. Hear some pointers from experts in the field on how to maintain courage and operate on your own terms.


“Their teamwork was amazing, their approach to the world inspiring, and their creative processes are mind blowing.

After they visited, I couldn’t help but brag and share my experience” 

Sarah Wang, Senior Student



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