Too Many Dicks On The Dance Floor? | November, 2018


Too many dicks on the dance floor?

The Cockfight tour is over and the cocks are back in their cages, so it’s time to stop making dick jokes and move on to more important things.

Like global politics…

Let’s head to the US for this month’s burning question: How does Donald Trump still factor into the world when the rest of the Smurfs seem to have been buried along with their movie franchise?

Pictured above is the Croatian world record attempt for most people dressed as Smurfs, which unfortunately failed due to the large number of Croatians who didn't want to dress as Smurfs.

Let's ask another burning question, what made all those Croatians stay at home that day? Did they run out of blue face paint? Did their white hats wilt in the harsh Croatian sun? Look at the big guy on the left about two rows back. Is he having second thoughts as he towers above a bunch of school kids who at least have the excuse that they look cute? Is he signalling he wants out?
Or is his wife signalling to him?

It seems we need to look closer. Let’s take the Smurfs out of their Mushroom houses and line them up for inspection…all the male Smurfs have names that reflect who they are, like Vanity, Narrator, Handy, Gutsy. There’s even one called Passive-Agressive. What fun!

But the only female character’s name is Smurfette...

Not Sociable or Motivated or Feeling Like a Cigarette. Just Smurfette.

Obviously being female in a world over populated by dodgy male Smurfs is enough. Smurfette doesn’t need any distinguishing attribute because she's the only female Smurf and that’ll do. Clearly.

Smurfette is therefore our stereotyped icon of the month.

What a surprise! Look who gets in the photo too. Fuck off Papa Smurf!

All of this Smurf talk leads us pretty directly (well done editorial team) to our next show, Depthless. Created by Kate Harman (also one of the co-creators of Cockfight and in full transparency one of the main propagators of dick jokes on tour) and Ben Ely who will be handing over to Guy Webster for this season so Ben can get ready for Regurgitator's 25th Anniversary. Happy Birthday Gurge!

Depthless is a fiery meditation on balance, power and where we meet. It speaks poetically about the sort of stuff we find so hard to unpack we end up using Smurfs as allegories...or is that metaphors?

To quote someone smarter than us:

"A brilliantly navigated transit along the edges of conflict and power, (Depthless) challenged gender and behavioral definitions – acceptable and otherwise."
A very intelligent audience member



and check out the video here

After Depthless we are hosting a Cowboy, Michael Smith, in the Farmhouse. That sounds like a match made in heaven, and it is. We plan on spending a lot of time looking for woodchucks in the wheat pile and cleaning our guns (that is not a dick joke!).

Let's hear it from the Cowboy himself:
"Cowboy’ is an interactive, solo contemporary-dance work that investigates ones ability to have a complete, genuine and meaningful experience as an entirely imagined self. Think spaghetti-western meets contemporary dance meets boyish dreams meets tender triumphs meets fake guns. Saddle up!" Michael Smith

Thanks Michael we will. Actually we're in our saddle as we write this. Yeeha!

Cowboy is part of our Farmstay residencies and will be in development at The Farmhouse in December. Then we are helping take the work to Berlin next year. Here is a video...

No that's not Michael Smith. It's actually Farmer Gav and Farmer Grayson pulling a Papa Smurf on us. They should be ashamed (they're not).

So while the Comm Games bubble has burst and the cocks are getting fattened up for the cleaver (not a dick joke) we’re heading to the end of the year in overdrive. With this overwhelmingly talented bunch of emerging choreographers and 2019 looming we can’t wait to kick into a new phase.

We are making the Gold Coast great again!

That statement brings us full circle back to the fake news Smurf himself. One interesting thing that has occurred to us here at The Farm is that Donald Trump and dick togs have the same initials. They're both DT's! Who would have thought?

Sometimes the only word to use is dick.

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