Get your hot buns here! | March, 2018

2018 is upon us!

2018 is upon us!

And even though everyone from Nostodamus to Neil Young has said it's the end of the world, the year hasn't been all bad. A lot has happened.

We ran our second Bare Bones Workshop Festival in February and if anyone ever asks you whether lightning can strike twice, say yes. Tell them it strikes even hotter the second time. Bare Bones was a great New Year's gift, a curated journey of questions and discoveries that scorched us severely.

After that Kayah and Gav performed The Crossing at Supercell. This is the second show (after it’s premiere in Chile) and the second standing ovation. These guys must be doing something right. Check out our brief interview with Kayah here


But the main action is still to come and it’s funny we should be talking about the end of the world…not funny haha obviously, more funny peculiar, funny coincidentally… 

Ok it’s not funny.

The part that we’re not laughing about is that the end of the world is our current topic. We’re about to head into Bleach* Festival and Festival 2018, the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) Arts and Culture, that's a mouthful. It's like I've just eaten a contract.

Whatever your perspective on that event (nod to Stolenwealth movement here but only a slight nod for contractual reasons), you’ve got to admit it’s going to be epic. The GC may never be the same. We at The Farm have heard rumours of hovercraft, underground rivers and lizard people attending the event. Apparently (we share this information with great candour) there is going to be the fastest man on the planet on the coast during the games. Fastest MAN. Really?

So let’s pause for a moment before the aliens land and take stock.

If you want to see what we are doing, warm up your clicking finger and go here and here


That's a couple of our GreenHouse Youth Ensemble in that photo, getting down and dirty. They're preparing to be part of our epic end of the world party: The Ninth Wave. It's on the beach at Surfers Paradise on the 5th, 6th, 7th of April at 7.30pm.

You don't need to mud up, just show up. Here's an action shot and another link in case your clicker finger's still warming up...


Look at those hot buns in the air. It's like Easter's come early...

And then there's  TIDE 

Smack bang in the middle of the Currumbin Estuary 8th, 9th and 10th  of April. Finger time!


Check out Gav's thousand yard stare...and Josh. Is he laughing at Gav? Maybe he's thinking "Great, now the camera's here, you're trying that look you've been working on for 47 hours."

TIDE 2 is the sequel to the highly successful and life changing TIDE 1. We wanted a better name for the sequel but everyone said TideTanic was stupid. Doesn't matter, this time these two crazy kids are going to be out there for 49 hours! Not just 48!
...And that makes TIDE 2 Bigger! Better! Longer! Wetter!

If you want a window into the mindset of these two after some time on the sand check this video out!

These shows are going to be as epic as the end of the world should be. It will be James Cameron’s version of the end, just with less CGI and no annoying Celine Dion soundtrack.


So come and join us (and Celine) in our lament for the end of days. Cry us a river. An underground river flowing in the dark, carving it’s way through rock, through preconceptions, around obstacles. A black, oily river that carries its secrets close and wet, that etches a new path way down deep where the lizard people like to hang out. Yes that’s the place for the likes of us. A place where we whisper our desires in the dark and maybe, together, quietly, furtively, we can hope and pray that we get to ride one of those hovercrafts when they finally get here.

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