the crossing

"tough and uncompromising dance in which no quarter is given"

Robyn Archer

Kayah, a young man with Down Syndrome, uses dance to express the way he sees the world and the way the world sees him. With the support of his mentor, Gavin, Kayah wants to say he is strong, he is masculine, and he is sexual. He also wants people to know he is vulnerable and “not always happy”.


HOTA, Gold Coast 22nd - 23rd June

Hong Kong International Choreography Festival, Hong Kong - 28th June

East Point West, Interdisciplinary Festival of Embodiment, Kuala Lumpur - 3rd – 13th July

The Crossing examines the unique bond that exists between these two men and the way it has been forged through the language of dance and improvisation. It has been created by Kayah and Gavin to reflect their common interests and their differences. Together they have created a space where they can dance, laugh, wrestle, die and be reborn, become monsters, connect and collide and ultimately negotiate their mutual desire to communicate with each other and everyone else.

2016 arts highlight of the year

Australian book review

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“The Crossing is about being flexible. There are two men and their life is passion, they fall down, feel anger, sadness then get up and be powerful and support each other. It’s about relationships and trust and being kind to each other.”

Kayah Guenther

Creative team

At The Farm work is made in a collaborative process where everyone brings their expertise without being confined to it. All animals are equal. 

Farmers involved in The Crossing are: Kayah Guenther, Gavin Webber, Ben Ely and Chloe Ogilvie

The Farm are proudly supported by The City of Gold Coast.