Featured Farmer: Murielle Elizéon

Murielle is a French dancer, choreographer, teacher and co-director of culture mill in north carolina

An interview with Murielle in December, 2015...

Murielle is organising the Haw River Tango Marathon in the first few days of 2016 in Saxapahaw, North Carolina. 

Where are you right now?

I am at the Carrack Modern Art Gallery in downtown Durham, NC, USA, an amazing space that is a exhibition Gallery and a performing Arts Space. We are teaching La Mula, A work from Anja Müller (Berlin) which will perform on Thursday and Friday and then Tommy, Anja and I will perform What doesn’t work, a show from Tommy Noonan on Saturday and Sunday.

Can you upload a photo for us?

Here is one from our upcoming show at the Carrack in Durham...

When and how did you first meet other members of The Farm?

I first met Grayson Millwood in Theater Basel in Switzerland. We were both working for the same choreographer at the time but on different shows, later i met Kate Harman and Gavin Webber in South Germany. I worked with Kate for a couple of years in Germany.

Tell us a bit about the upcoming tango marathon

On January 1, 2 & 3 2016, about 100 tango dancers from all over the east coast of the US will gather at the Haw River Ballroom in a little village called Saxapahaw to dance 30 hours of Argentine tango. It is really special as it is something i imagined 4 years ago when i first visited Saxapahaw from Berlin and casually said "This is a place for tango".. I had no idea yet that i would live in that village and even less that i would be crazy enough to organize a marathon outside of an urban setting where this would normally take place. But here it is.. people are coming :-)

What is it about tango that makes people go ga-ga?

A weird mix of longing, desire, expectation and sensuality inherent both to the dance form and to the social context where it is danced. In tango we always look for the perfect dance with the perfect partner during the perfect night. When we get it, we are always looking to reproduce the same experience which is, of course, impossible.

The embrace in Argentine Tango is something incredibly intimate. There is no other place that I know of  where you can find this degree of intimacy with a complete stranger.

Is that ever a problem?

Always. That is why it is exciting.

The Culture Mill has received a lot of attention over the last year, what has been the highlight/s for you so far?

Highlight is definitely Trust the Bus a site-specific performance series we ran last summer in and around Saxapahaw. We gave the audience a schedule and a meeting point. The Culture Mill Blue Bird bus drove them to an unknown destination and lead them into a performative experience... Trust the Bus succeeded in attracting a mixed crowd of performance enthusiasts, newcomers, country and city folks alike for a series of really distinct collaborative performances involving dancers, performers, musicians, actors, artists, art gallery etc..

Check out Culture Mill and all the amazing projects they work on through their website, and like them on facebook!


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