Featured Farmer: kayah guenther

kayah is a dancer living in northern new south wales

An interview with Kayah in February, 2018...

Where are you right now?

In Adelaide working with four other dancers on a new development with Paul Gazzolla titled 'Of Boys and Men'

Can you upload a photo for us?

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When and how did you first meet other members of The Farm?

I first met Gavin and Kate September 2013 when they came and taught classes at Studio Aperio.

Josh when he was developing COCKFIGHT with Gav.

Grayson i met  at The Corner Dance lab in Federal where he was one of the teachers.

There are farmers i have not yet met ...


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You have an Australian premier of The Crossing coming up (in Supercell on Feb 17) next month, can you tell us a bit about the show and what it means to you? 

The Crossing explores power and feeling strong, feeling anger, losing yourself feeling sad and feeling support.  The Crossing is important to me because it makes me feel like a man, Gavin treats me like a man. i love to focus and listen.


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Any highlights with the touring that you have done for both The Battle and The Crossing?

Feeling responsible going to different places.

In Chile i loved Valparaiso winding up together and supporting each other.


Kayah 4.jpeg

What advantages does the performer with Down Syndrome have over the performer without?

I just know i have to be brave in myself. Trust is pulling yourself in like a net and pulling yourself out being a responsible man.


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What is next for Kayah Guenther?

Performing with Gavin The Crossing at Supercell

A new development at Metro Arts titled Indiscernibles with Daniele Constance and Phluxus2 Dance Collective

Festival 2018

Are we allowed to write anything about siblings .....?


Check out Kayah in The Battle HERE


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