Featured Farmer: Josh Thomson

josh is an australian dancer, choreographer, and recently appointed co artistic director of Legs on the wall

This is an interview with Josh from October, 2016...

Farmer Josh1.jpg

Where are you right now?

In my "soon to be home"

Can you upload a photo for us?


Josh's house.jpg

WOW! That is what you are building!? Are you kidding? Did you seriously build that?

Yes, I get so much joy out of building, it’s my hobby and about a year ago I started building a tiny house with my partner Craig.

It doesn’t look that tiny.

No it’s not, I call it a cabin now.

Craig’s needs are way too big to fit in a tiny house. We are building it out of all recycled materials, including some Farm stuff that was brought out from the renovation. Totally off grid, solar, water etc. It’s obviously a pretty big project for me, and it’s now at lockable stage

What I love about it, unlike my work in the performing arts is that after a day of working on it, I can step back and see what I have created physically. It’s a primal feeling for me, I’m building a shelter, something that is useful and functional, and something that will hopefully be there for many many years to come. I guess having building as a hobby and the performing arts as a career would strike some people as arse around backwards, but the point is that they are both passions of mine and at least in my head they support each other.

When and how did you first meet other members of The Farm?

Well, I guess back in 2003, as I studied with Kate, Alice and Raw at QUT (Queensland University of Technology), in Brisbane. In our second year Gavin came and choreographed on us, saw how unbelievably good we were, and begged us to come and join Dancenorth, when he took over in 2005

I met Captain Grayson years later whilst working with Dancenorth when he came to hang out with us on a show called Remember Me

Farmer Josh2.jpg

You have a few shows on the go at the moment, can you tell us a bit about them?

I’m working with Matt Cornell now on a show called Blokes. Matt and I come from labour intensive family backgrounds, the men in my family are all builders or tradesmen, and in Matt’s they’re truck drivers and mechanics. So we both grew up surrounded by stereotypes of what it means to be white Australian men, a stereotype that we didn’t feel like we fit into. And we both took the logical next step and became dancers. Still white, still Australian, still men…

Blokes is an exploration of Australian identity in an ever shifting culture.

We are entering our final stage of development in Frankston VIC in Nov. And it will open at Supercell, a new dance fest in Brisbane in Feb.

The other show I’m “busy with” at the moment is Highly Sprung, an outdoor work that I’m creating with another good friend of mine, Leanne Litton. It is a physical theatre show using trampolines. It explores all sorts of different occupations, but also taps into a sense of fun, when we let go of our inhibitions, become like children and fly. It’s a ‘legs on the wall’ show that will open in Sydney in March.

Wall running and parkour on tramps are quite risky, so I'm planning to have a cast of 4 with 10 on the bench. Applications welcome.

Farmer Josh3.jpg

additional question from today (10.01.2017)

The rest of us at The Farm are immensely proud of you for the new gig that you just landed together with Leanne Litton as artistic directors of Legs on the wall. I know it's super fresh, but can you give us an indication of what you guys are planning for Legs?

Creating rogue works that are engaging and fucking good.

Check out Legs on The Wall here: http://www.legsonthewall.com.au/

Catch Josh teaching at Bare Bones in February, EOI's are open here: http://www.thefarm.company/bare-bones-1/

Or, if you're in Melbourne, see him in Cockfight at Dance Massive in March. Read more here: http://dancemassive.com.au/program/cockfight/


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