I am deeply consumed, 
I am deeply committed, 
I am becoming, 
A Cowboy.

How does one have a genuine and meaningful experience as an imagined self?

From surfing trains and taming horses to wandering the desert, Cowboy holds a deeper inquiry into the existence of human persona beyond fantasy. By committing entirely to the iconography of a cowboy, I seek to expose desires and vulnerabilities that exist in our pursuit to form identity.

Michael Smith

Cowboy is an interactive site adaptable solo work

Creative team

Choreographer/Performer: Michael Smith 
Sound Composition: Ben Ely
Sound Design: Anna Whitaker
Lighting / Production: Chloe Ogilvie

Produced by: The Farm
Co-producer: Liesel Zink
Mentor: Gavin Webber
Dramaturge: Gavin Webber, Marty Coutts, Liesel Zink

Images: The Farm

The Farm are proudly supported by The City of Gold Coast.