The Bookyard


The Farm is now based on the Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia, a regional town where artists do not have the same access to the larger arts communities that major metropolitan cities do. We are now a part of this community, we want to start conversations, get to know the local artists here and share with them some of the people that we have been inspired by.

So we have set ourselves the goal of creating a space where these conversations can take place, either with other people in the room, or alone with books chosen by different artists from around the world.

A communal library of inspiration for artists.

To do this The Farm are reaching out to people we know personally: respected art makers, peers and brilliant friends and inviting them to share two things:

1.     The title of a book that had a profound effect on your career/art/life

2.     What was it about this book that inspired you?

(As short or as long as you like)

If you have a spare copy of this book, and don’t mind donating it, we will find a way to get it to us, if not we will endeavor to dig deep and buy a copy for the library.

Each book will be presented with the name of the artist who chose it listed next to the cover. On opening the book, the library goer can read what the artist found inspiring about the book in the front sleeve, and/or read the book itself.

As you (and almost everyone we are asking) don’t live on the Gold Coast, We will add your note and the title of your book to an abridged online version of the library on our website, so that conversations can happen there too.

Why books?

We love reading. And we want to know what you’re reading.

If this works out, expanding it to films, sculpture, performance art will have it’s own exciting set of obstacles, but for the moment, books seem like a good place to begin.

They are physical, you can hold them in your hand, you can try pushing them directly into your head, or you can simply sit down and start leafing through artist’s notes until you find a kindred spirit.

Our dream in the future is to expand this idea to accommodate residencies/workshops that put communication between artists at its centre. The Bookyard is the beginning.