Water and Dreams.jpg

I read this book about two years ago, and it has opened my eyes for how the rise of Islamism, colonialism, immigration and racism can get intertwined deeply. The author explains in very personal and clear language how seemingly insignificant events in his life have profoundly affected the choices he made. (he became a recruiter for a radical Islamist political movement in England, and spent five years in an Egyptian prison for this, where he turned his beliefs). Particularly the conclusion at the end of the book has moved me a lot.  In my work I am always interested in how the world around us affects us and constantly forms how we act, think and feel, and how all this becomes deeply rooted in our bodies. Reading this book has helped me deepen my understanding of how endlessly rich and complicated the world is on one end, and how every moment is worth putting attention to, even the most seemingly insignificant ones. 


Anouk Van Dijk