Designed to create a new generation of artists,

The GreenHouse is The Farm’s youth ensemble.

By creating a space where they are encouraged to find their own voice, we aim to instil a love of the arts amongst these young practitioners as well as the independence and drive to create their own work and sustain a career in the arts.

Open to all young creatives from age 12 -20.

2017 Overview

• Audition on 5th March 2017 - The FarmHouse

• Fortnightly workshops.

• Professional development on Frank Enstein by The Farm

• Performing in Snake Sessions by Branch Nebula at Bleach Festival

• Professional development on Cockfight by The Farm

• Recreation of Underground, by Gavin Webber

       “It’s the dancing that stuns, exhilarating to watch: immensely physical, gutsy and strange’ - Australian Stage


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For more information, please check out our 2017 plan and info pack here.

THE GREENHOUSE at Bleach* Festival

Opening Bleach festival in 2016, the founding members of The GreenHouse performed in the world premiere of Horizon With Angels.

As the sun set, the shores of Evandale Lake became a playground of performances. Acrobats and singers amazed, bodies flew and voices soared.

Set to a moving soundtrack, which includes the music of the legendary Leonard Cohen, Horizon with Angels is a spectacular event that feeds the spirit with awe and could be enjoyed from the water or a stroll around the lake’s edge.

Horizon with Angels was created by Preposterous – the brainchild of Artistic Director Yaron Lifschtiz and the creative team behind Circa: Australia’s leading contemporary circus company.

Renowned for their innovative, genre-melding blend of acrobatics and movement, Preposterous signifies a new direction for Circa and Yaron Lifschitz.

“ 2016 is the start of something new – it will bring our history and future together. It will develop our relationship with Bleach* Festival and the Gold Coast, and more importantly it will give audiences access to something new and thrilling,” Lifschitz said.

Commissioned by Bleach* Festival and The Arts Centre Gold Coast, Horizon with Angels showcases Circa’s acrobats and celebrates the local – the lake, the dazzling Surfers Paradise skyline, a cast of over 200 young Gold Coast voices and The Farm’s youth dance ensemble.

Horizon with Angels is created by Preposterous — a division of Circa
Artistic Director: Yaron Lifschitz
Co-director: Ben Knapton
Choreographer: Alice Lee Holland
Music Director: Scott Saunders

 Commissioned by Bleach* Festival, created by Preposterous and presented by Bleach* Festival & The Arts Centre Gold Coast.