Frank Enstein

For Children and Adults

Battling his own physical impairment, Frank harnesses electricity from a storm and animates his world by making his imaginary friends real, ‘perfect’ monsters to fulfil his desire to be ‘normal’ and to be accepted by others. But can he control what he creates? And who is the real monster anyway?

Frank could be a genius. Just one more ‘i’ and he’d be an Einstein!

Frank Enstein is a retelling of the classic tale for children and adults - magical dance-theatre illuminating a path to self acceptance. This is theatre as if made by Michel Gondry, handcrafted and full of the love of old fashioned techniques. The Farm’s wicked sense of humour, magic and dance will create a show for the child in all of us. 

Made by The Farm in collaboration with Co3 Australia
Commissioned by The Farm, Co3 Australia & Bleach* Festival

At The Farm work is made in a collaborative process where everyone brings their expertise without being confined to it. All animals are equal. 

Directed by: Grayson Millwood and Gavin Webber

Created with and performed by: Brianna Kell, Zachary Lopez (Co3), Talitha Maslin (Co3), Daniel Monks and Andrew Searle (Co3), 

Lighting Design: Mark Howett

Set Design: Vilma Mattila

Sound Design: James Brown

Associate Artist: Raewyn Hill (Co3)

Frank Enstein was made with support from the Australia Council and Arts Queensland. The Farm are supported by City of Gold Coast.