At the heart of Cockfight is the very real relationship between Josh and Gav.

Cockfight teaser

Cockfight full length (contact us for password)


Creative team

Cockfight was developed by members of The Farm with guest artist Julian Louis.

Core creatives: Joshua Thomson, Gavin Webber, Kate Harman & Julian Louis

Performers: Joshua Thomson & Gavin Webber

Lighting Design: Mark Howett

Sound Design: Luke Smiles

Set Consultant: Joey Ruigrok

Production Manager: John Scooter Byrne

Producer: NORPA and Performing Lines

Cockfight was made in collaboration with NORPA with support from The Judith Wright Centre and Arts Queensland

COCKFIGHT has been performed at norpa, coca and dancenorth in 2015.

cockfight is heading to apam in Brisbane in 2016